Hexagon team delivers engineering expertise with first TITAN53 Mobile Pipeline units

   Hexagon continues delivering firsts to the Mobile Pipeline® market this week as the first TITAN®53 gas transport module was delivered in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. The TITAN®53 is the result of a rigorous design, development and testing process built on the foundation of the deepest engineering expertise in composite pressure vessel technology in the industry.

   Hexagon's Mobile Pipeline® products provide customers around the globe with transportation, storage and distribution solutions. After nearly a decade of success with TITAN® products, customers are demanding the ability to move greater volumes of compressed gases including natural gas, hydrogen and industrial gases on every trip. The newly developed TITAN®53 cylinders and module optimize weight and capacity to meet the 80,000 lbs (36,300 kg) GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) to allow operation in all 50 US states while delivering an estimated gas volume of 492,000 SCF / 13,932 SCM of natural gas. Hexagon's TITAN® cylinders are the largest composite cylinders now available.

   Safety is top priority for the development teams, which have delivered over 700,000 high pressure full composite cylinders over their 25 years. Composite cylinders hold up to three times the capacity of steel at the same vehicle weight, dramatically improving payload and range.

   Hexagon's Mobile Pipeline® team is collaborating with energy leaders to develop innovative systems that provide safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions off the gas grid. To date, more than 1,200 Mobile Pipeline® modules are deployed globally, where they are driving energy transformation from conventional petroleum fuels to clean and affordable natural gas.

   Supporting customers extends beyond the deployment of the modules with exceptional service and support. To facilitate future service and requalification of the module, Hexagon designed the TITAN®53 module to accommodate Hexagon's Modal Acoustic Emission requalification testing. Modal Acoustic Emission testing is the most comprehensive method of testing composites available in the world and presents a technological leap in safety. Modal Acoustic Emission testing is another example of innovative solutions offered by Hexagon for the Mobile Pipeline® industry.