New natural gas fuel system hosing is coming online from one of Parker Hannifin’s major distributors, Exotic Automation & Supply, which is also firing up a new e-commerce website to support fleets operating alternative fueled vehicles (AFVs).
  Xebec Adsorption Inc. has achieved a significant breakthrough in its fast cycle pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology for upgrading biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG).
  Power Solutions International, Inc. announced that its alternatively fueled, General Motors (GM) specialty vehicles, and its engines were featured at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 15-17.
  Oasis Engineering, together with its European distributor "Proccesskontroll Items AB" – will be exhibiting at NGV Global 2017 Rotterdam.
  Momentum Fuel Technologies recently noted that its line of compressed natural gas fuel system solutions for Class 6 through Class 8 trucks are compliant with the software upgrades expected as part of the OBD 2018 requirements.
  Landi Renzo USA announced Paul Shaffer will join the organization as Executive Vice President of Business Development. He will oversee the sales, marketing, and service departments beginning on February 27, 2017.
  BP will acquire the upstream portion of Clean Energy’s renewable natural gas business and sign a long-term supply contract with Clean Energy to support the firm’s continuing downstream renewable natural gas business.
  Agility Fuel Solutions introduces Blue iQ, its newest natural gas fuel product, at the American Trucking Association's TMC Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition.
  NG Advantage LLC announced that it is the first virtual pipeline operator in the United States to use TITAN® XL trailers to deliver the benefits of compressed natural gas to industrial and commercial customers located beyond the reach of pipelines.
  Omnitek Engineering announced the company will participate in a $1.5 million grant study with its partner Olson-Ecologic Testing Laboratories to demonstrate its clean natural gas engine technology for off-road heavy duty construction vehicle applications.
  Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has signed a fueling agreement with Mountain Valley Express, an express shipping company based out of Manteca, California, that has purchased nine heavy-duty trucks equipped with the new CWI 9L ISL G Zero NOx natural gas engine.
  Ultimate CNG LLC has been selected to provide daily delivery of CNG to the Mid Mon Valley Transit Authority’s new fleet of natural gas transit buses in Donora, PA.
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