TICO teams with Cummins 6.7-liter CNG alternative fuel engine

April 22, 2019. Terminal Investment Corporation (TICO) will partner with Cummins to display a UPS Pro-Spotter terminal tractor powered by Cummins' 6.7-liter on-road CNG engine in Booth #631 during the ACT (Advanced Clean Transportation) Expo April 24-26 in the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA.

   The TICO Pro-Spotter terminal tractor on display with Cummins' 6.7L CNG alternative-fuel engine, along with the now available Cummins 6.7L LNG engine, introduces even greater options than ever before into the terminal tractor segment. Specifically, TICO's powertrain platform now addresses various industries need for a natural gas solution as they are the first and only U.S. OEM building, and now selling their terminal tractors using these Cummins alternative fuel engines.

   TICO Pro-Spotter terminal tractors are widely used in distribution centers, rail terminals and ports to move semi-trailers and shipping containers. TICO's largest customers are rapidly moving forward with alternative fuel platforms and looking to increase the numbers of these engines in their facilities nationwide.

   TICO Pro-Spotters with the Cummins emissions-certified 6.7L CNG fueled engine provides uncompromised power, performance, fuel efficiency and fuel flexibility than ever before. Cummins and TICO promote the use of alternative fuels in on- and off-road vehicles and are dedicated to global clean air, green initiatives for this and future generations.