GoBus receives award from the Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance

November 23, 2018. ETCOG’s GoBus transportation system has been awarded a Lone Star Natural Gas Vehicle Award for outstanding contributions toward the advancement of natural gas as a transportation fuel. The award was presented by the Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance during a Texas stop on the National Drive NatGas “Sea-to-Shining-Sea” Road Rally Across America, a 5,000+ mile, cross country excursion highlighting the benefits of natural gas use in transportation.

   “Choosing natural gas is good for our economy and good for our environment. We are honored to receive this award,” said ETCOG Executive Director, David Cleveland.

   ETCOG began using natural gas in 2016 and has traveled over 100,000 miles in trips on CNG to date. GoBus currently has three buses in Smith and Panola counties running on natural gas.

   “The transit industry is transforming — moving into clean energy more and more,” said ETCOG’s Director of Transportation, Vince Huerta. “To adapt, we have diversified our fleet and added natural gas buses in the areas in our region that have access to GNG fueling stations. That is currently only available in two counties, but we expect that to increase over time. The more access we have to the infrastructure required for natural gas — fuel and maintenance technicians — the more I would like to expand our fleet running on CNG. I envision the GoBus fleet being 50% CNG over the next 5 years.”