NGV Global appoints American businessman as new Chairperson

May 8, 2018. NGV Global held its Annual General Meeting this week in Long Beach, California. The Association, now 32 years since inception and representing the interests of all forms of natural gas mobility, welcomed Mr. Brandon Grote of Swagelok as its new Chairperson. Grote is already known to many in the industry through his long involvement with natural gas technologies. He replaces Dr. Mike Gallagher, Agility Fuel Solutions, who moves to the position of Past Chair after serving for the maximum term of four years.

   Brandon Grote has been in the fueling industry for 18 years, currently leading Swagelok’s Transportation team. He has been assisting in growing this market through a number of associations, as can been seen in his former Board of Directors position with NGVA Europe and former Vice President role with ANGVA. Globally he has had a passion for helping improve safety standards. He is active in a number of ISO and CSA standards relating to CNG, LNG and Hydrogen. He is currently in the process of transitioning the chair responsibilities of NGV 1, and NGV 3.1 to others to focus on this new role with NGV Global.

   “I am honored to know that the NGV community trusts that I may help bring our global associations closer,” Brandon said. “With everyone’s continued support, I hope to see our industry aligning towards a common vision for the future.  Together we can help dispel the myths and urban legends that tend to slow progress towards a sustainable future that often utilizes natural gas as a transportation fuel throughout many forms of mobility.”