Palo Inc. celebrates first anniversary of CNG fueling station

April 13, 2018. Palo, Inc. recently celebrated its first year anniversary at its CNG fast-fill station in Clarion, Pennsylvania. Palo has been in the CNG market for many years and had used three low volume compressor packages at its well-known CNG station located just off Interstate 80. In March 2017, the three compressors were all replaced with just one EA-200-4 CNG compressor custom-engineered by J-W Power Company that featured a high flow priority panel and remote site monitoring.

   Palo says J-W Power Company was a great fit in meeting all of their requirements, including station specifications within its existing footprint, as well as improving overall capabilities to increase flow rate was an added bonus.

   “If you are planning to build a CNG fueling station or revamp existing CNG compressors, J-W Power Company CNG products can increases flow rates without increasing horsepower,” said Mike Bocheff, J-W Power Company, CNG Account Manager. “This also reduces starts and stops on equipment, and ultimately enhances the customer’s fueling experience.”

   The one unit more than tripled the vehicle gas filling time the three older units produced collectively. The equipment also includes microprocessor controllers, auto start/stop, a closed loop gas system, automated valves, and coalescing filters, all which are standard options.