Canadian city of London mulls natural gas for waste fleet

April 6, 2018. Ontario’s City of London is joining the province to split the $1.3-million cost of changing its waste management fleet to natural gas as part of an Ontario-wide greenhouse gas challenge.

   London’s waste vehicles are currently travelling more than 15.000 kilometers every year using diesel fuel. City council recently discussed a transfer payment agreement from the Ontario Municipal Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Challenge Fund under its fuel-switching component.

   The city is working with Union Gas to cut a fuel deal and decide on an appropriate refueling location.

   “We are also actively engaged with the City of London to establish a CNG program for their fleets in London,” Union Gas stated in a report to city council. “CNG as a transportation fuel achieves a minimum reduction of 15% lower CO2 than gasoline or diesel fuels with affordable, return-to-base refueling options.”

   London is currently investigating the economic ins and outs of adopting natural gas for its waste fleet.