Clean Cities produces a CNG maintenance facility modification handbook

January 1, 2018. Through US Department of Energy (DOE) funding, Clean Cities in association with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and others, have released an official document outlining CNG maintenance facility guidelines and recommendations in a new handbook. Some maintenance work on CNG vehicles requires little if any facility modification. However, when working on CNG fuel systems, certain precautions need to be taken just like with liquid fuels but with a different set of considerations given that CNG is lighter than air.

   The handbook covers the main elements of these modifications, such as ventilation, paths of natural gas migration, space heating, electrical wiring and equipment, and methane detection and control systems. In addition, all international and fire codes and standards are discussed in the handbook as they pertain to the new building and modification of existing gaseous fuels maintenance facilities. This handbook is indispensable for any fleet looking to upgrade their shops to work on their own CNG-fueled vehicles as well as any OEM dealer that will be working on these vehicles for their NGV customers.