Waste Management adds new natural gas fleet to cut down on pollution

November 29, 2017. Waste Management says the County of Jackson, Tennessee, will be among the first cities with a full fleet of the company’s new fuel-efficient trucks.

   “We are in the process of converting our trucks from using diesel fuel into compressed natural gas (CNG),” Dawn Cole with Waste Management said.

   Waste Management is hoping new trucks will help save the environment.

   “We are converting our fleets across the country. We have over 7.000 vehicles throughout the United States on compressed natural gas,” Cole said.

   Leaders across Madison County gathered Wednesday at the Jackson Waste Management headquarters to see the new trucks.

   “Currently we are running 17 trucks on the natural gas and we have a fleet of 35, so we are over halfway done converting our fleet,” Cole said.

   By the end of the year, you can see at least four new trucks hitting the Hub City streets.

   Company officials say one new truck in Jackson is equal to taking 100 cars off the road.

   “It started two years ago when we negotiated a new contract with Waste Management,” Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist said. “We wanted to see an alternate fuel program in place.”

   More good news is that it’s also cutting down the noise. “They are fairly new trucks,” Gist said. “Most of them are new, and two, they are being efficient and they are a lot quieter — much quieter than the old diesel-fueled trucks.”

   Officials say Jackson will be the second Waste Management fleet totally using the fuel-efficient trucks.