Sparq breaks ground on Oklahoma largest capacity CNG station

November 7, 2017. Today, Sparq Natural Gas, Timmons Oil Company, Dericks Leasing & Financial Company, and J-W Power officially broke ground on Oklahoma’s 121st and fastest public-fill CNG station. The station will feature the installation of J-W Power’s PowerFill technology – a patented compressor designed with heavy-duty trucks in mind – to speed up the fueling process.

   The Tulsa station – Sparq’s 10th CNG Station across its multi-state network, and its fifth in Oklahoma – will begin construction immediately, with a target to open by the end of 2017. Sparq Tulsa is developing the site in partnership with Tulsa-based Dericks Leasing & Financial Company and Timmons Oil Company, co-locating CNG operations at Timmons’ headquarters for convenient and accessible Class 8 heavy-duty fueling.

   “Sparq is committed to providing Oklahoma natural gas vehicle operators a regional network of high performing, attractive, and conveniently located CNG stations. CNG offers fleets and consumers, a lower price at the fuel pump while burning a cleaner, Oklahoma-produced fuel,” stated Sparq Chief Executive Officer, Norman Herrera.

   In line with the Governor’s Oklahoma Energy First Plan, this station provides a critical link in the build out of alternative fuel corridors of natural gas stations across Oklahoma, and is strategically located along the I-44 “CNG Corridor,” linking St. Louis and Dallas. This station expands the region’s CNG infrastructure and provides better access to a cheaper, cleaner, domestic fuel, enabling more businesses and governments in eastern Oklahoma to add CNG vehicles to their fleets.