Nanaimo names its new CNG fueled garbage trucks

October 6, 2017. Canadian City of Nanaimo has successfully picked out names for its two new garbage trucks: Mommy and Trash-O-Saurus Rex.

   The city last month launched a light-hearted contest to name its new automated trucks. Residents were able to vote on a short list of five names for each truck. There were about 1,500 submissions in all, the city said.

   The winning names were submitted by two young Nanaimo residents: Nathan, 4, and Hudson, 2.

   The new trucks are considered to be automated because they are equipped with joysticks to control arms that pick up the garbage containers. There are separate collection chambers, allowing two types of waste — such as garbage and organics — to be collected at the same time.

   The vehicles run on compressed natural gas (CNG) and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional diesel trucks. They go into service in central Nanaimo this month.

   The rest of the city will see similar trucks starting next summer.

   John Elliot, the city’s senior manager of public works, said the trucks “will proudly bear their new names for their whole life here at the City of Nanaimo.”