Rhode Island fills up at state first hydrogen station

October 6, 2017. Rhode Island's first hydrogen filling station has been installed in a corner of the Stop & Shop parking lot on Branch Avenue. The fuel station, close to Interstate 95, is one of 12 across New York and New England built by French energy company Air Liquide. The stations are financed through a joint venture with Toyota. Toyota is one of the few car-makers to offer a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, with its Mirai sedan.

   A fuel cell produces electricity by combining hydrogen with oxygen, which is drawn from the air. The electricity generated powers an engine. Water is the only byproduct. Hydrogen electric vehicles are considered one of the least polluting on the road. However, hydrogen is typically produced by burning natural gas. Even with those fossil-fuel emissions, hydrogen is still considered about 30 percent less polluting than a conventional gas-powered vehicle.

   Rhode Island is part of an eight-state collation with a goal of getting 3.3 million ZEVs on the road by 2025. Many of these states, including Rhode Island, must electrify their entire transportation sector to meet long-term reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions.