Compressed natural gas fueling station coming to Lynchburg

July 13, 2017. The Lynchburg area, Virginia, could be getting its first compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station soon, which is planned to go behind the Sheetz on Forest Road at 110 Jefferson Ridge Parkway. Engineers hope to have the station built and ready by 2018.

   Lynchburg-based engineering company Hurt & Profitt submitted a preliminary site plan on behalf of Saratoga, New York-based company American Natural Gas to construct the CNG facility.

   The station would consist of fueling islands, a canopy and a fenced equipment compound. No buildings are proposed to be constructed. It will be self-fill only and will be open to the public. The price of gas will be $1.99 per gallon.

   As of January 1, there were about 1,500 vehicles in Lynchburg that use a fuel type of compressed natural gas, according to Commissioner of the Revenue Mitchell Nuckles. There were about 55,000 total registered vehicles at that time.

   The only CNG stations currently in Virginia are located in Newport News, Norfolk, Richmond and Sterling.