ReFuel helps partners turn methane into sellable transportation fuel

July 8, 2016. ReFuel, a new Coalition member based in Sacramento, wants to partner with any business that has a source of methane, from municipal garbage services to private dairy farms, to turn that methane into sellable transportation fuel.

   “We want to help our partners harvest and consolidate organic waste and convert it into RNG,” said Sean Moen, general manager at ReFuel. Transportation fuel is the most economically advantageous use for biogas, he added, “so it’s the best thing to do with the methane being emitted from organic waste.”

   ReFuel’s Sacramento natural gas station includes one of the largest anaerobic biodigesters of its kind in North America. In just 21 days, it can turn a load of food waste into usable transportation-grade RNG. The Sacramento biodigester can accept 100 tons of food waste energy every day and replace more than 600,000 gallons of diesel with RNG every year, according to Moen.

   ReFuel was established in 2012 as a subsidiary of local garbage company Atlas Disposal Industries, which has been running trucks on natural gas since 2008. The company partners with CleanWorld to use its anaerobic digester and buys all of the RNG it produces for resale at the refueling station, which is just a few miles off Highway 50 at Watt Avenue.