According to the Department of Homeland Security, up to 75% of Florida lost power when Hurricane Irma made her devastating track across the 400-mile state.
  The U.S. Department of Energy has released a Notice of Intent, DE-FOA-0001812, for medium and heavy duty natural gas vehicle engine research and development.
  The National Science Foundation is investing nearly $80 million in four new Engineering Research Centers to create novel technology platforms in fuel derived from shale gas.
  A legislative agreement has been reached to direct up to $1.5 billion of revenue from California's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions allowance to expand the use of alternative transportation fuels, including natural gas, according to reports.
  Teton County‚Äôs first compressed natural gas (CNG) station was opened in Jackson, Wyoming, providing a more environmentally friendly fuel option.
  American Gas Association (AGA) President and CEO Dave McCurdy says Dan Gage, newly announced President of Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica,) will continue the terrific momentum of the organization.
  Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica) announced that Daniel Gage has been named its new president. Gage succeeds Matthew Godlewski, who recently joined Ford Motor Company.
  The governments of Canada and Alberta recognize that investing in public transit infrastructure is crucial to economic growth, reducing air pollution and creating inclusive communities where everyone has access to public services and job opportunities.
  A sustainable vision for the future of farming was unveiled today at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, USA.
  The American Gas Association (AGA) announced that it will join the Steering Committee of National Clean Energy Week (NCEW).
  The Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi) will be hosting several technician training programs in Riverside, California, in November.
  BC Ferries is continuing its move toward liquefied natural gas (LNG) with an upgrade of its two Spirit Class vessels.
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