The third round of Pennsylvaniaís Natural Gas Vehicle grants opened on August 30, will provide an estimated $6 million to help pay for the incremental purchase and conversion costs of heavy-duty natural gas fleet vehicles.
  Cost savings generated by converting Tulsa Dream Centerís van to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) will allow the center to include even more children in its after-school program, Newton beamed.
  Results of the study showed that the use of natural gas as a propulsion fuel can reduce air quality pollutants and reduce major greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional fuels.
  The Council discussed the initiative to use CNG as an alternative to fuel. It has spent a lot of time on this issue proposing to use CNG in the county vehicles, as well as patrol cars and school buses.
  Kwik Trip Inc. has opened its 28th compressed natural gas (CNG) station. The most recently added include Davenport, Iowa, and Lake Mills and Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
  Keeping Opelousas and the parish clean will get a little cheaper because of two donated vehicles from the St. Landry Parish Solid Waste Disposal District, Louisiana.
  The Board of Selectmen approved a license expansion to allow compressed natural gas (CNG) to be stored at the Shell Gasoline Station at 27 East Main St., near Bay State Commons, Massachusetts.
  The Midway City Sanitary Districtís first compressed natural gas fueled truck is now on active trash pickup duty and a second truck has arrived. The Californian district is now soliciting bids for the construction of its CNG fueling station.
  As of July 31, fiscal 2014 tax revenue from sales of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) motor fuel totaled $2,178,199, according to the state Comptrollerís office.
  Santa Rosa County recently installed a landfill gas collection and control system along with a blower/flare station consisting of 14,048 feet of high density polyethylene piping and 30 vertical extraction wells with 923 feet of LFG collection piping.
  Cass County will be sponsor of a grant application for a new compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station north of Plattsmouth. Obtaining the grant would help in the overall development plan for the area.
  New York City will expand a pilot program this fall that takes unconsumed food from the waste stream and converts it into pipeline-quality natural gas.
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