Ontario can save billions of dollars in fuel costs and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2050 if it addresses transportation issues and implements solutions that include increased reliance on natural gas and electric-powered vehicles.
  The board of directors of the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (CalNGV) announced the appointment of Thomas Lawson as CalNGV's president, effective immediately.
  The opening of the first public CNG fuel station in Brazoria County, Texas, gained attention as a step toward erasing the carbon footprint. The next step is to convince businesses, local governments and residents to see its benefits.
  Republic Services recently announced the addition of 40 compressed natural gas (CNG) solid waste collection trucks serving customers in Central Contra Costa County.
  U.S. Gain, the compressed natural gas (CNG) division of U.S. Venture, Inc. has partnered with the city of Hamilton to add the GAIN® Clean Fuel brand to its fueling station.
  Located near the crossroads of I-75 and the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the 24/7 CNG fast-fill station is capable of fueling several hundred vehicles a day, delivering stable fuel cost and reduced transportation-related emissions for the Fort Myers
  The vehicle is the first in the county's fleet to be converted. The county got a grant from Praxair for the almost-$10,000 changeover. It runs on regular unleaded and CNG.
  A bill in the California legislature (AB 2773) that would open up the wider use of renewable natural gas (RNG) in alternative fuel vehicles moved out of its first committee in the lower house Assembly earlier this month.
  Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD) announced that on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, drivers of CNG fueled vehicles were able to fill up their gas tanks for 99 cents per GGE at seven regional stations.
  As a way to celebrate Earth Day, Austin Utilities filled up its first newly purchased compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled fleet vehicle Thursday afternoon at the Kwik Trip at 1509 10th Place NE, It's one of the 34 CNG stations in the Kwik Trip chain.
  The Environmental Services Department has installed two new compressed natural gas fueling stations at Ajo Way and Park Avenue. One is a fast fill station and the other is a timed fueling station.
  The debut of the zero-emission, fuel efficient future of public transportation was the highlight of the opening day of the Ohio Public Transit Association’s Annual Conference in Columbus.
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