Interview with John Finn (Business Development Manager, FIBA Technologies, Inc.)

   John Finn, Business Development Manager of FIBA Technologies, Inc., talks about the current situation of the company, its main products and their vision of the CNG market.                               


How was born the company? What are your principal activities?


FIBA Technologies was founded in 1958. Originally the company was a gas distributor before evolving into an equipment manufacturer. The company’s principal activities involve manufacturing seamless pressure vessels and assembling tube trailers and skids for compressed gases.


What are the main products offered by the company and its key markets?


DOT & UN Tube trailers and skids for storing and transporting industrial gases, specialty gases, chemicals and alternative fuels like CNG. The company also manufactures ASME ground storage for various gases, including CNG. FIBA’s ASME packages are commonly found at CNG fueling stations.


What are the advantages of CNG containment equipment offered by FIBA?


FIBA’s CNG equipment offers high pressure gas storage. The company’s product range includes type I, II and IV vessels. Each has a different advantage, but collectively the range provides great lightweight options and high pressure options.


What are the upcoming trends in the sector of natural gas storage? Do you have a new development in mind?


We just completed the development of our type IV product. This product will be popular on bus storage of CNG and other applications that are weight sensitive. We also expect continued growth in demand for our ASME product line used at fuelling stations.


Considering your presence in the United States, what do you think about the evolution of gas vehicle market in the country?


We see increase activity in the US for CNG. Our domestic business grows every year. We believe CNG is a high viable fuel for the US for many reasons and expect further adoption of the fuel in the automotive market.


What are your expectations regarding participation in NGV 2012 Bologna?

We look forward to the NGV Bologna show. We will be bringing one of our type IV vessels to exhibit. This will be the first show where this product is exhibited and know that it will generate buzz in the industry.