First compressed natural gas station in Beaver County
The Bee Green CNG Fueling Station - the first compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Beaver County and the sixth in the Pittsburgh area (Pennsylvania) - is now open.
Chambersburg CNG fueling station awarded state grant
The state has awarded Sunoco nearly $600.000 to develop a compressed natural gas fueling station in Chambersburg.
Ryder signs its largest natural gas lease deal in North America with C.A.T.
Ryder System, Inc. announced that C.A.T. Inc. (formally Canadian American Transportation, Inc.) has signed a full-service lease agreement for 100 compressed natural gas (CNG) sleeper tractors.
Love’s Travel Stops to add CNG filling station along Interstate 40
Love’s Travel Stops will add fast-fill compressed natural gas fueling at a location in eastern Arkansas as part of a planned network along Interstate 40 that will span more than 1,350 miles.
  Stirk Compressed Natural Gas of Lincoln and Frontier Cooperative of Brainard are opening a commercial CNG pump for motor vehicles in Columbus, the first commercial CNG filling station in the state outside Lincoln and Omaha.     The report suggested that transitioning to compressed natural gas heavy-duty vehicles could potentially save the city 45-50% in fuel costs over diesel.     The Tahlequah Public Works Authority Board of Trustees, Oklahoma, during its October 17 meeting approved two large purchases and discussed future options to potentially save money.  
  America's thirst for OPEC oil comes at a steep price. Nefarious groups operating in countries the U.S. buys oil from, such as Qatar and Kuwait, are funding ISIS and al-Qaeda.
  Reading Truck Body, LLC, and OEM Systems, LLC, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that offers customers the best one-stop solution in CNG systems for service trucks and fleets.
  Here's a transcript — edited for length and clarity — of The Texas Tribune's in-depth interview with land commissioner candidate George P. Bush, in which he lays out his positions on environmental policy.
  The Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi) is offering a three-day training course for technicians that perform heavy-duty natural gas vehicle maintenance and diagnostics. The course is set for Oct. 14-16, 2014, in Nashville, TN.