New compressed natural gas meal-delivery vehicle
Meals on Wheels and More (MOWAM) unveiled its first-ever compressed natural gas (CNG) powered van in its fleet Tuesday. A $76,000 grant from ONE Gas Foundation paid for the van as well as a refueling station.
Fort Lupton Police running on all-CNG powered vehicles
Fort Lupton moved out of the economic recession to become the first in Colorado to convert its entire police fleet to run on clean-burning, Colorado-produced compressed natural gas.
City of Rockport making switch to natural gas vehicles
The City of Rockport, Texas, is hoping to turn everyone onto natural gas because officials say it is cheaper and cleaner burning than other alternative fuels.
Pasco School Board approves natural gas bus fleet
After hearing a pitch last year from Nopetro of Coral Gables to partner on a compressed natural gas fueling station, the School Board approved building its own fueling station at a transportation compound on Interlaken Drive in Odessa.
  Piedmont Natural Gas has achieved a goal it set in 2013 to have at least 30% of its corporate vehicles converted to compressed natural gas before the end of fiscal year 2015.     Renergy and IGS CNG Services partnered to construct a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station at the intersection of Interstate 71 and Ohio State Route 61.     Vehicle maintenance provider Clarke Power Services has relocated its Pontoon Beach, Illinois, maintenance facility, which is equipped to handle natural gas vehicles (NGVs), the company announced.  
  Americans burn through an average of 375 million gallons of gasoline every day. With ever increasing gas prices and global carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases on the rise, it’s time to look ahead at the future.
  Omnitek Engineering Corp. announced that a 12-liter natural gas engine manufactured by TEDOM s.r.o. Ltd. and equipped with Omnitek’s proprietary natural gas engine management system has received Euro 6 emissions certification.
  Here's a transcript — edited for length and clarity — of The Texas Tribune's in-depth interview with land commissioner candidate George P. Bush, in which he lays out his positions on environmental policy.
  In an effort to expand the awareness and adoption of natural gas and alternative fuels for heavy-duty trucking and goods movement, Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) will host a series of free workshops in Southern and Central California.