Seaboard Foods subsidiary to use compressed natural gas trucks
Pork producer Seaboard Foods and subsidiary High Plains Bioenergy continue to add trucks that run on compressed natural gas, so they have signed a contract with TruStar Energy to build a large new fueling station in Guymon.
MetroGas forms consortium to address Miami-Dade County energy needs
MetroGas has formed a consortium of leading global players to address the energy needs of Florida's global community in Miami-Dade County as it transitions to cleaner and less expensive fuel for its fleet of vehicles.
Alabama to change method of collecting taxes on natural gas sold as transportation fuel in state
A measure passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Robert Bentley suspends a motor fuel road tax decal program for compressed natural gas vehicles that fuel in the state.
Atlanta Gas Light partners with Premier Transportation on second CNG station opening
Atlanta Gas Light joined trucking and logistics company Premier Transportation to commemorate the opening of the second public access CNG station developed under the AGL CNG Infrastructure Program.
  Freight hauler J-Rayl Transport has switched its existing compressed natural gas (CNG) station at its Akron, Ohio, headquarters to CNG fueling from U.S. Oil’s Gain Clean Fuel.     A no-cost economic development agreement for compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, has been given approval by the county.     The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles has launched a new off-site parking/shuttle service powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) for the 2014 season.  
  By year’s end Luzerne County residents, and motorists passing through, probably will be able to point to another tangible asset – a fueling station for natural gas-powered trucks and cars.
  EnerG2 and NW Natural are partnering to improve the fuel storage on board vehicles that use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) by developing a new adsorbed natural gas technology.
  CEO of Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, spoke recently with DC Velocity Senior Editor Mark B. Solomon about the benefits of natural gas conversion, the challenges, and what carriers, shippers, and private fleets need to do to make it all work.
  Workshop attendees will learn from a panel of experts how natural gas is helping Pennsylvania move away from imported petroleum fuels to homegrown environmentally friendly alternatives.