Waste Management launches Waterloo CNG truck fleet
Waste Management has launched a $13 million new fleet of compressed natural gas fueled trucks in Waterloo, Iowa.
Massachusetts Department of Transportation signs deal for new CNG buses
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation board of directors approved a contract for the manufacture and delivery of 325 new state-of-the-art replacement buses for the MBTA fleet.
First renewable natural gas and plug-in hybrid electric armored truck
Two global leaders have teamed up to manufacture a first-of-its-kind fleet of Class-5 armored vehicles that combine the benefits of renewable natural gas and zero emission plug-in hybrid electric vehicle technology.
Divergent Microfactories unveiled 3D-Printed Supercar powered by CNG
Its 700-horsepower engine can use either compressed natural gas or gasoline, and altogether it weighs just 1400lbs - 90% less than some modern cars.
  On June 24, approximately two hundred invited guests attended the Alternative Fuels conference at 200 Antelope Rd. White City, Oregon.     Big Blue Bus was given $5.9 million to upgrade the agency's all-alternative fuel bus fleet. The funds will purchase nine replacement compressed natural gas buses.     Contract Transport Services (CTS) was skeptical about adding CNG trucks to their fleet. That was until one of their largest customers insisted on CNG vehicles for hauling their products.  
  The reality is that all of our nearly one million natural gas customers across the province will directly benefit from the development of these projects.
  Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. announced a new order from a beverage distributor in the Southeast for Quantum's 21-inch tank back-of-cab system for a Peterbilt 337 application.
  Here's a transcript edited for length and clarity of The Texas Tribune's in-depth interview with land commissioner candidate George P. Bush, in which he lays out his positions on environmental policy.
  Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi), a leading provider of technical consulting and training on natural gas vehicles and fueling technologies, is hosting a trio of training sessions this summer in Florida, Northern California and Chicago.