OCCC to offer CNG Compression Technician Certification
Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) will once again offer Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Compression Technician Certification - Level 1 and provide the training and skill assessments required by Oklahoma.
Farewell to Fausto Maranca, NGV pioneer in Argentina
The businessman, founder of the firm Galileo Technologies and the Argentine Compressed Natural Gas Association, left an immeasurable personal and professional legacy among his colleagues and friends.
Englefield Oil opens CNG fueling station
Englefield Oil Co. has officially opened a compressed natural gas fueling station at an existing Duchess Shoppe convenience store and BP gas station in Obetz, Ohio. It announced the construction of the station with IGS CNG Services last fall.
American Gas Association Chairman says natural gas is America’s new energy foundation
Calling natural gas “America’s New Energy Foundation,” he described how natural gas utilities are helping their customers contribute to nation’s clean and secure energy future.
  Buses that will run along (Pennsylvania) Port Authority of Allegheny County's proposed bus rapid-transit line from Downtown to Oakland will be fueled by natural gas, the agency's board chairman said.     The Sparq station on 4th Street in Pueblo will be open to the public, but will be used primarily by local and state fleet trucks. The project is one of dozens being funded by a $30 million grant from Colorado and the National Highway Traffic Safety Admini     If all goes as planned, the station will be the area’s first public fueling station offering compressed natural gas when it opens later this year.  
  Now that oil is cheap, bringing with it drops in gasoline and diesel prices, does it still make sense to convert to natural gas? First we’ll review the economics of natural gas, then discuss business strategy in an uncertain energy future.
  The partnership will co-brand “O” Ring CNG’s four CNG stations as “O” Ring CNG / GAIN® Clean Fuel and incorporate them into GAIN Clean Fuel’s nationwide infrastructure of CNG stations.
  Here's a transcript — edited for length and clarity — of The Texas Tribune's in-depth interview with land commissioner candidate George P. Bush, in which he lays out his positions on environmental policy.
  The Work Truck Show® 2015 will take place on March 4–6, 2015 at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN. Educational programming, including the Green Truck Summit, begins March 3.