J-Rayl to open compressed natural gas station to the public
Freight hauler J-Rayl Transport has switched its existing compressed natural gas (CNG) station at its Akron, Ohio, headquarters to CNG fueling from U.S. Oil’s Gain Clean Fuel.
Public hearings scheduled on proposed natural gas filling site on Route 167
The Manheim Planning Board (Pennsylvania) scheduled two public hearings in association with the proposed Xpress Natural Gas filling site on state Route 167.
Shale mapping tool adds compressed natural gas station data
ShaleNavigator, web-based mapping software for shale oil and gas information, has added more than 1,400 compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel station locations.
Waste Management to power fleet with natural gas
Waste Management will soon begin replacing its diesel-fueled garbage collection vehicles with more environmentally-friendly trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), possibly converting the entire fleet by next year.
  At NGV Global 2014 and ACT Expo 2014 (May 5-8) nearly 200 alternative fuel and clean transportation industry leaders will present on the key advancements driving the future of sustainable transportation around the world.     The city of Dallas will be one of the first to own a fleet of the new compressed natural gas (CNG) powered Ford F-150s, a move that creates local jobs and uses locally produced fuel.     The city of Hamilton broke ground on the region’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station at the municipal garage on Route 4.  
  By year’s end Luzerne County residents, and motorists passing through, probably will be able to point to another tangible asset – a fueling station for natural gas-powered trucks and cars.
  EVO CNG and its joint venture partner, Trillium CNG announce the opening of a new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station located at 7155 South First Street, Oak Creek, Wisconsin.
  CEO of Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, spoke recently with DC Velocity Senior Editor Mark B. Solomon about the benefits of natural gas conversion, the challenges, and what carriers, shippers, and private fleets need to do to make it all work.
  Workshop attendees will learn from a panel of experts how natural gas is helping Pennsylvania move away from imported petroleum fuels to homegrown environmentally friendly alternatives.