The power of organic waste

   On June 6, 2018 at the National Grid NY One MetroTech Center will take place a day-long workshop planned by New York-based national environmental research non-profit Energy Vision in collaboration with government, industry and other NGO partners. The no-cost event will cover the production and use of biomethane (also known as Renewable Natural Gas or RNG), a local, ultra-low-carbon energy and fuel source made from decomposing organic waste.

   Attendees — including government, regulators, municipalities, renewable energy developers, waste generators, fleet owners/operators and more — will come away with an understanding of biomethane and its importance as an energy and fuel resource that can help New York meet its climate, clean air, waste management and economic development goals.

   More specifically, visitors will hear about:

- Closing the loop on emissions from various organic waste streams

- Cleaning up fuels and fleets with RNG

- Low-carbon uses and high-value markets

- Biogas case studies: wastewater, landfills, farms and food waste anaerobic digesters

- Latest technology in RNG production

- Interactive discussions around regulatory and policy frameworks for RNG

- RNG and economic opportunities for New York City and State